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Helping Clients Respond to COVID-19

How are you adapting your business during this crisis? I personally had a few big projects canceled at the start of the shutdown. For example, one doesn't really need trade show materials any more if all gatherings are canceled. With multiple clients pushing pause on their projects, I could have panicked—which I honestly did at first. Yet once I took a few deep breaths, I was determined to try and navigate the disruptions not only affecting me but my clients as well. Turns out there are big communication needs when trying to launch both reactive and proactive business strategies.

1. PPT Physical Therapy, Stay-at-Home Response

Physical therapy is considered an essential business, but PPT Physical Therapy was having to answer a lot of questions regarding COVID-19 and the shutdown. In order to answer some of the questions, we updated the website ( to explain the new operational policies based on the latest stay-at-home orders.

2. Design for Leisure, Microsalt SaltProX Launch

Design for Leisure (DFL) was already planning to launch the Microsalt SaltProX before COVID-19 hit; however, the salt-therapy machine's health benefits align perfectly with what people are highly aware of now—clearing airways, boost immune system and revitalizes skin. We made sure to highlight these health benefits with a product page on the DFL website (

3. Design for Leisure, Content Marketing Campaign

Design for Leisure (DFL) designs and builds 5-star spas around the world. In response to spa owners and operators having questions about how to best clean their hydrothermal spa areas, we helped DFL launch a website page ( that highlights the importance of hygienic design principles and cleaning tips.

4. Sara Caputo Consulting, Productivity at Home Campaign

Sara is an executive coach who specializes in productivity strategies. In response to stay-at-home orders, Sara developed an online coaching seminar about 5 tips for Being Productive at Home. I helped Sara develop an infographic to use for online teaching as well as an email campaign sent to clients and prospective clients. Learn more about Sara and her coaching at (I also helped with her branding and website).

Hollywood Sign Trust, Website Ads

The Hollywood Sign Trust was fielding a lot of phone calls in regards to stay-at-home orders closing specific parks and trails in LA county. In order to help answer some of the questions online, we developed a series of website ads that lead people to the answers about the closures. Learn more about the Hollywood Sign Trust at

Bobby Akart, Website Launch

It just so happens I teamed up with author Bobby Akart, a man who doesn't just write thrillers but actually specializes in medical thrillers, during non other than a pandemic. Well, the irony isn't lost on me. He even has a shirt you can buy on the website that says, "I was social distancing before it was cool." His latest series, Virus Hunters, features a heroine who is an epidemiologist, a profession I was blissfully unaware of until recently. His scope of work made for such a fun website to create. I hope you'll check out his site (, especially if you want to read some books that shed insight on our current situation.

What I'm Doing to Respond

As for me, I'm shifting some of my time to promoting my thought leadership; hence, why I now have this blog and an Instagram account (@resonatetogenerate). I'm hoping by sharing my insights I'm able to inspire small businesses, consultants and entrepreneurs to think about their business communications in new ways. And perhaps along the way, I'll pick up a new client or two.

On a personal note, my heart goes out to everyone during these difficult times. If you are in need of love and support, don't hesitate to reach out. Like the late, great Bill Withers wrote, "We all need somebody to lean on."

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