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What's your brand's core ingredients? We go beyond your logo to create a recipe for success.


The goal of branding is to clarify your offer so you can answer who you are, what you do and why it matters with compelling and consistent answers. Answers that resonate so you can generate credibility, new business and buy-in. 


So I'll ask questions. I'll challenge you to think from the consumer point of view. And together we'll get to know your core ingredients that differentiate your offer.


It's not about a single logo, it's about how your logo, illustration style, photography and voice consistently come together to create a recognizable identity. 

I help design and define the key aspects of your brand identity—like your color palette, typography and graphic elements—and then apply them consistently. Because with a well-defined look and feel, the more your customers will begin to recognize your identity and identify with your brand.


Branding is part of every project. From designing your business card to tackling your website, your brand's voice, messaging and visual identity will stay consistent across all touch points. 

Brand deliverables include messaging and content creation, logo design, website design and other marketing collateral.


A PR and marketing firm that specializes in wellness, yet their old branding didn't mention wellness being their niche. The video I created about their rebranding story helps explain the project and why it was important to include wellness as a key differentiator. It's a great example of how I help companies elevate their brands and communicate their ideas with both strong content and design.


Working in partnership with Cavanah Communications, we updated the Design for Leisure (DFL) brand and website. The goal was to elevate the brand to reflect the high-end spa projects DFL is known for designing and building. 


We updated the logos and the brand's look, created brand guidelines and wrote new brand messaging. We implemented the new branding with a new website and other collateral like business cards, brochures, project case studies and proposal slide decks.


Under new ownership, PPT Physical Therapy wanted to create a fresh look and message. Going through a formal branding process, we created a new positioning statement and messaging as well as a new logo, visual style and brand campaign.

Wanting to reflect their caring spirit, the intent of the Let Yourself Imagine campaign was to inspire patients to envision how their quality of life could improve by partnering with PPT Physical Therapy. The campaign was implemented across several touchpoints, including a new website. The website has since been update and currently reflects notifying the community about Covid-19 prodocols.


Sara came to me to rebrand her company, Radiant Organizing, and in the process we decided to change the name to Sara Caputo Consulting. The new name was to help clarify Sara's role as a corporate consultant and not a personal organizer. We then developed the brand around Sara's unique productivity coaching model. Along with explaining her philosophy, we created model graphics to use on marketing collateral as well as within instructional materials.

We've created a number of final projects for Sara, including a new logo, website, sales sheets, workbooks, worksheets, PowerPoint presentations, email campaigns and social media graphics.

Sara Caputo Branding

A new non-profit, we helped establish Ephraim's Refuge brand position and messaging as well as designed their logo and visual style.

From there we created their website, event flyers and other collateral. We also started spreading the word on Facebook and other social media. 

Something extra important for a non-profit—fund raising. In addition to ER's branding and collateral, we helped create a fund raising strategy, including setting up collecting donations directly  on their website.

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